Since the launch of our service, the title of the service has been "Quantum Booter". At the time of launch circa early 2011, the terminology for a service like ours was fairly new as the industry for our network performance testing services was just hatching. A common word, which is now heavily misinterpreted was the term "booter". So the service launched, and we used that as the name.

Fast forward to modern era, and the term is now distasteful. It now brings thoughts of individuals misusing a service such as ours for malicious intent. We for one take every stance possible against that, so for almost two years now, we've struggled with a debate should we modify our name or not. Our brand name, the one our customers knew us by, the one our reputation (the good and the bad) was under that name. We decided to not bother with it, until now.

In the early years of the service, we did not take abuse as seriously as we should. We did not permit the act of unauthorized denial of service attacks against unsuspecting networks, however, we did not do our best to ensure safety. This all changed starting 2016. We shaped up our services, we had the same ideology, allow those in charge of network infrastructures perform simulated denial of service attacks in a controlled environment against their infrastructure to strengthen their defenses and prepare for in the event an actual attack ever does occur. Ever since then, we've developed in our software safe guards, smart system discovery and even set up an abuse telephone and e-mail line to detect and immediately prevent any abusive activity on our service.

The truth is, we can't stop it all yet. Unfortunately, against all of our best efforts, we're susceptible to abuse, and we are constantly adapting and implementing new changes to prevent it. Our user base has grown far too large to be able to constantly monitor it with human resources, so we rely heavily on our software to detect it. We'll admit it, we're not perfect, but neither is any service where bad guys can exploit it. One thing we plan to do is expand our employee base, throughout our history, we've relatively always been a very small team. At our peak in staff numbers, we had two or three active support agents, and since the launch of our service we've had only one software developer in charge of our entire platform. They are solely responsible for over 70,000 members, which if you were wondering, is not an easy task at hand. For transparency purposes, at the time of this blog post, our staff team consists of one part time software developer and one part time customer service representative.

Quantum Stress brand name is born. Onto the very final point of our first blog post, we're in the works of converting everything over to Quantum Stress. We've registered the appropriate domains, and will be redirecting our old domains to it in due time. We obviously cannot shake our historical brand name, most of our customer base know us and find us by that term, but we're trying to change that. Quantum Stress explains our service, our platform is designed for those in charge of small to large infrastructures, practically any network that may be at risk of a denial of service attack prepare and strengthen their defenses. Our service is a network performance stress tool, we've been registered in Ontario, Canada as Quantum Network Stress Testing for a few months now, and it fits our new brand name perfectly.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch with us through our contact form on our service's home page here.

Thanks again for reading,

Quantum Stress Founder