To fully keep our services operational and ongoing, our network of stress testing is backed by a group of dedicated servers hosted in a data center. In a data center, we would pay a hefty monthly fee for them to house our servers, as well as provide bandwidth and a 1 Gbit uplink connection to them all individually.

Due to the largeness of our services, our servers are very resource heavy. To power our services, this means our servers will be constantly putting a load on the network of the data center, and most of them do not approve of this sort of network load. That being said, it was very hard for us originally to ever conduct a contract with any data center due to the resource usage of our service.

However, in the beginning of 2016 we finally found an agreeing data center. They agreed to house 16 dedicated servers of ours, equip them all with unmetered bandwidth on a monthly basis backed with a 1 Gigabit connection on each of them. We do pay a hefty price to keep our servers online and our data center happy with us, but the imposed limitations meant we were unable to house over 16 dedicated servers. Although this number sounds like a lot, our member base has outgrew it. Our service at the time of writing this blog post, each one of our servers is designed to handle the load of 4 launches. This means all of our servers in combination, can handle a total of around 64 launches at a time. Our services at peak times see around 100 active launches in an hourly session. This not only dampens the actual service quality, but also makes us impose restrictions on our own customers to have them patiently wait until our dedicated servers aren't so saturated and freely available to handle the launch. Nobody wants to wait for a service they've paid for.

We're extremely grateful for our current contract with our current data center, if it weren't for their understanding and compliance, we'd have had a much more difficult time housing our servers. We've been a loyal bandwidth renter from them for 14 months now, and we're comfortable with them.

That doesn't mean there's room for improvement. Today we've successfully landed an additional contract with a new data center located out of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. For the past few weeks, we've been in contact with the data center and panning out the details of our bandwidth situations and have finally come to an agreement. They have agreed to house up to 18 additional servers for our service, all connected with unmetered 1 Gigabit lines. This means we're fully prepared to bring a whole new work load to Quantum Stress, able to handle a whole lot more launches.

All the finishing details are being finalized by both parties and their legal representatives to complete the contract. Our legal team has finalized our end of the deal and we're patiently awaiting their end and then we can begin to build our new dedicated servers and begin to ship them to the data center. We plan to have all of our new servers set up, fully equipped and functioning by the end of April.

We're very excited to share this news with our clients and partners. This addition will not only improve quality of our service, and as well open up future contract opportunities for our business. If you are the a representative of a data center that can fulfill our server needs, we hope you'll reach out to us via e-mail at [email protected]. We'd love to expand our services even beyond where they are now.

Thank you for reading.