By August 4th 2017, we plan to update the Refund policy in our Terms of Service. Up until now, our refund policy has been loose and open to misuse. We offer full refunds to any member who has purchased their subscription less than 72 hours previously and simply submitted a support request through our platform, we would issue them a refund. We've had several cases where individuals purchase our services, utilize them for the 72 hours to achieve their usage goals and request a refund.

This leads to our platform being bogged down for the members who rely on it regularly and much more, and with the recent influx of newly registered members who use the service for 72 hours, request refund and repeat that process have begun deteriorating our service as a whole.

As of August 4th, our new refund policy will lessen the 72 hour refund request time period to 24 hours. A decision we're still deciding on is if we should investigate accounts requesting refunds to determine if they've used our service to a point where we should not feel obligated to issue a refund.

This blog post is short and is to inform everyone of the upcoming Refund Policy update coming soon. To get familiar with our service agreement, review our Terms of Service.